Legal negotiation: settlement tactics and forms.

Legal negotiation: settlement tactics and forms

Most lawsuits settle before the trial. Lawyers recognize that negotiation skills and knowledge are now necessary to success in handling litigation. We intend to fill your need for the best legal negotiation and settlement texts, tactics, checklists and forms. Our catalog will lead you to our texts, checklists, and forms. We want you to have the best of the negotiation tools and forms, checklists, releases, motions, and orders you need to negotiate well, to settle the case, and to close the negotiated settlement so that it stays closed.

The following forms are currently top customer favorites.

Plaintiff's Request for Medical Bill Amount

Plaintiff's Request for Medical Bill AmountPut the "medical bill amounts" on auto-pilot. Your secretary sends out these form letter requests to all medical providers before you go to that final settlement conference. Don't be caught relying on outdated medical bills in your file. Protect yourself from a doctor with a statutory medical lien, an angry client, and a malpractice claim. Know (and have the proof the insurer wants for its file) the up-to-date medical bill amounts. This form is a cheap and easy way to make a specific inquiry of medical providers for the bill amount they claim. Read more or order

Attorney's Letter of Protection to Medical Services Provider

Attorney's Letter of Protection to Medical Services ProviderDo not be the subject of a malpractice claim. When the doctor demands a letter from you saying the doctor will be paid out of the settlement, if any, Do Not accept the doctor's form of Letter of Protection. The doctor's form is designed to protect the doctor --- not you! This attorney's form begins with an eight page law report for you, summarizing a lawyer's duties on disbursing funds when letters of protection are signed by the lawyer. Then it gives you a form Letter of Protection every plaintiff's BI attorney should be using. Read more or order

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