Case Summary Letter Before Negotiation

Case Summary Letter Before Negotiation

"Build client confidence and obtain authorization for the range of settlements you realistically expect to obtain."

It's an important part of client communication --- make the client confident that you have truly evaluated the case, not just grabbed a number out of the air. You need to use the right words, with elements of the evaluation arranged in the right order, if you are to give the client confidence in your evaluation.

The Case Summary Letter System does this for you:

The form forces you to think in a logical and succinct pattern that keeps you from for evasive or vague thinking. It delivers a solid, but brief, summary of the case that your client will respect. This is a powerful summarization tool. Either a plaintiff or defendant attorney can use this tool in any kind of lawsuit.

You can own The Case Summary Letter System for only $18.90.

the Case Summary Letter System

What is the Case Summary Letter System?

Case Summary Letter System is a simple, easy to follow checklist style standard for listing the crucial points the client wants to know and evaluating the case for the client (and for yourself). It organizes your thoughts and gives you the basis for a solid evaluation of the case. It suggests phrases that save you time and trouble.

Either a plaintiff or defendant attorney can use this tool in any kind of lawsuit.

Three big points. Case Summary Letter System will:

The fact is, just the FEELING of knowing you have done a good job of evaluating the case you must be worth $18.90. Consider your small investment a little "emotional insurance policy."

Case Summary Letter System is a very low investment with a high time-saved and client-confidence value return.

You can own The Case Summary Letter System for only $18.90.

This form is NOT sold as a check-the-box set to be used without your lawyerly judgment and opinion statements. You must use your lawyer skills. This form is sold for the format, ideas, and words used in this copyrighted form.

The form will speed and improve your work as you dictate a case summary letter for the client (or insurer). Thus, for example, the form gives you the psychological place for you to give the ultimate opinion the client is looking for, but places that ultimate opinion where it is best for you to give it, and gives you some words carefully chosen to tell the client or insurer what they want do know without having the words come back to haunt you after the trial.

“What a jury may do is not scientifically predictable. I prefer only to use a scale of “poor - fair - good” in talking about the chances of winning. It is my opinion that we have a [________} chance of winning on the liability issues in this case."

Putting the items of information into the case summary in the suggested order, with the key words suggested, makes you more effective, makes your clients more approving, and clarified your client's own understanding of the weakness/strength of the case.

Importantly for defense counsel, the words used in our Case Summary Letter give needed information to the insurer in words that will not come back to haunt you as the insurer's form is designed to do.

Importantly for both defense and plaintiff counsel, our Case Summary Letter gives you good wording to keep malpractice claims away. Use the words and format that is designed to say what you need to say, and nothing more.

This format and language was developed in a busy litigation practice to be used by either a plaintiff's lawyer or a defense attorney. This form puts dictating a case review letter on a new level. Use this form and your dictation time goes way down.

This Tool from the Settlement Toolbox© includes:

Use your form today! We deliver electronically --- as the integrated last part of the automated purchase process. After you complete your on-line purchase and your credit card is verified, then your browser is automatically redirected to a new webpage with your link to click to download. At the end of your purchase, simply wait for your browser to be redirected to a new webpage, click the link as instructed, and you have the form in your computer. It's that easy and quick!

Here's what Case Summary Letter will do for you:

Case Summary Letter has a proven format that will keep you focused and moving forward.

If Case Summary Letter saves you just one hour of time - ever - it will have paid for itself. Attorneys who are using this system right now are saving valuable hours, yet still providing their clients (or insurers) with the information they want.

Think about this... when the inevitable time comes that you will talk to the client about settling the case, you can have one of two types of client: (1) a client who believes you know the case and who understands the strength / weakness of the case, or (2) a non-believer in you who does not understand the strength / weakness of the case. Which type of client do you want to have?

And... when the inevitable time comes that you talk to the other side about settling, you will want to feel that you have made a good solid evaluation of the case, element by element, not just a vague overall "feeling" about the case.

Case Summary Letter System is a very low investment with a high time-saved and client-confidence value return.

Not only will you get a great evaluation tool, you'll get it for the price of only $18.90.

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